mybet sports bets platform

Mybet is one of Europe’s leading providers of sports bets and casino. Repeatedly recognized for user friendliness and the best quotes on the market.

The goal has been creating a completely new image of the brand which would exalt its characteristics and developing their digital presence with a new website that would enable their customers to enjoy a better experience.

This project kicked off with an initial user research phase to understand customer motivations and brand positioning. Because betting plattforms are so rich in information, it was imperative to build an intuitive architecture to guide users through the different products in a clear way and to make it easy for them to find, understand and manage that information.

My Involvement

  • ux
  • branding
  • design
  • strategy

I wanted the navigation to contribute greatly to the site’s overall experience and also give users the freedom to explore the site as they choose rather than inhibit their movement from one section to another. As a conclusion, I chose to have custom widgets for events and information groups, that the user can freely activate while been logged into her account.

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