Inpera cloud-based app

Inpera operates a platform for the construction industry that simplifies the tendering, awarding and procurement of factory services and building materials. As an independent partner, the team of industry and technology experts offers a standard cloud solution that greatly simplifies project collaboration between planners, construction companies, retailers and suppliers.

The task was to redesign the information architecture, layout, and user flow of the platform, and then to translate those to high-fidelity mockups using Inperas's existing design system. I worked with a product manager and engineering manager to create and implement these designs.

My Involvement

  • ux
  • branding
  • design
  • development
  • strategy
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Since the original designs had many features that weren't necessary for immediate display, I spent time to uncover customer insights and translate concepts into features that address behaviours and motivations. After doing so, I created prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy.

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